The decision to be married is one of the most important decisions two people can make in their lifetime.  Marriage in the eyes of the church is the formation of a life-long covenant between the couple before God.  The wedding day is meant to be a joyous celebration, but the call of our tradition is that it is “not be entered into lightly or unadvisedly.”  For this reason marriage and the process leading to the celebration of the wedding is taken seriously at First Church.

Couples planning to be married at First Church must begin to make arrangements with one of the ministers at least four months prior to their planned wedding date. After discerning that the requested date is available the couple begins a process of three meetings with one of the ministers.

  • The first meeting consists of a time of general conversation about marriage, the couple’s history, and hopes and plans for their future (session I Genogram).
  • The second meeting consists of session II Genogram (expectations).
  • The third meeting consists of planning the wedding ceremony.

Non-members are welcome to request weddings at First Church. The requirements are that they are both baptized, attend worship for at least three Sundays, and agree to participate in the pre-marital process.

For more information on weddings, fees, or to schedule an appointment with one of the ministers please contact the church’s Administrative Assistant.

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