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We Believe God Calls Us To Dream-Give-GrowCapital Campaign

For the past year, a committee of the church has been “dreaming” about how the church might address certain needs and dreams.  The Dream Team has prepared a presentation that describes the process they used and their recommendations for a capital campaign to achieve those dreams.

The proposal for the restoration and renovation of the Anderson Memorial Organ is located here.

On Sunday May 19, the congregation voted favorably on the recommendation to hold a Capital Campaign.  A committee has been selected and the work has begun.  New campaign information will be posted as it becomes available.  Meet the Capital Campaign Committee

Question #1: Why do we think we can raise $1,800,000?

The last capital campaign was in 2002. The congregation raised over $1.3 million at a time when annual giving was approximately $500,000. Our annual current annual giving amount is approximately $750,000. Given that most capital campaigns raise between three and five times the amount of annual giving, the target amount of $1.8 million seems very achievable. FYI – the campaign in 1994 also raised $1,3M+.

Question #2: How is a Capital Campaign different than annual giving?

Since Capital Campaigns are rare occasions in member’s lives, many give from assets –stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc. to make leadership gifts for these special purposes. Many members also choose to increase their weekly or monthly pledged giving. The period for giving also differs in that gifts are given over a period of 3 years (4 tax years).

Question #3: Are we getting any expert help with the campaign to ensure it is successful?

The church went through an extensive search process to find a consulting firm that we felt was best qualified to help us conduct a successful capital campaign. As a result of that effort, the church has selected VanderWyden Consultants to help us with the campaign. Rev. Bill VanderWyden will be the lead consultant for the campaign. Bill was our professional consultant for our 1994 “Catch the Vision” campaign, and a present member of his firm was also involved in 2002’s “This Old Church” capital campaign. During the course of his career Bill has provided the professional guidance for over 150 church capital campaigns, and has guided numerous million dollar plus campaigns.

Question #4: Will members of the congregation have the chance to get involved with the campaign?

Absolutely.  A number of committees will be formed in order to help support all of the various activities that are required for a successful campaign. Gary Lambert and Brenda Smith-Weiss have been selected to lead the overall capital campaign effort.

Question #5: How long will the campaign last?

The Campaign will start in June and conclude at the end of January 2014. This extended period is necessary as the Capital Campaign has to work around the summer and the church’s annual operating budget campaign in the fall. The official giving period will be from February 1, 2014 through January 31, 2017, which encompasses four tax years. Individuals who make Leadership Gifts may start giving this year, and consequently they may have 5 tax years to make their gifts.


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