Ensembles – Youth & Children

Chapel Chimers

Open to all children from preschool through Grade 1, this ensemble offers choir chimes– which are hand-held rectangular “bells.” The Chapel Chimers enjoy accompanying themselves while singing various songs from Christian vocal repertoire. There is no music-reading involved, as they play (and sing) on cue from the ensemble’s director, Denise Buck. In addition to being a lot of fun, the children develop other skills such as rhythm, basic vocal techniques, and working together.

Chapel Chimers meets regularly on Sundays (October through May) at 9:15 AM in the library, prior to Sunday School and 10 AM Worship. Registration for this ensemble begins on Rally Day in September.

First Schola

This ensemble for female youth in Grades 7 through 12, offers development of solid vocal techniques and quality choral repertoire drawn from Sacred music literature. The choir is trained as an advanced youth vocal ensemble: the word Schola coming from Latin, literally meaning “school.” Experience in other choirs or other music education sources will certainly enhance the experience. All youth are welcome,  whether continuing on from Joyful Noise or joining the music ministry first at this level.

First Schola is the “anchor choir” for the 7:00 PM Christmas Eve Worship Service and participates in Sunday Worship several times a year. A strong youth (and parental) commitment to this ensemble is key to its success.

First Schola meets regularly on Tuesdays (Late Sept through Mid May) at 6:00 PM for rehearsal.  

Joyful Noise

Open to all children from Grades 2 through 6, this ensemble offers a quality choral experience through the leadership of Cynthia Bliss. This ensemble is the perfect setting to learn singing in a supportive group setting, and develop music and performance skills which enhance overall general education. The choir participates in worship at regular intervals, often in cooperation with the Christian Education ministry.

Joyful Noise meets regularly on Tuesdays (October through May) at 5:00 PM. Registration for this ensemble is by calling the church office at (603)882-4861.

Jubellation (Bell Choir)

Whether as a continuation from Chapel Chimers, or joining the music ministry at a later date, this bell choir is open to all children in Grades 4 through 8. Music-reading and rhythmic skills are developed and techniques in handbell ringing round out the musical experience in this beginning-level bell choir. Under the direction of Dale Neth, this bell choir offers those who are interested in instrumental music, the chance to be part of Music at First.

Jubellation meets regularly on Sundays (October through May) at 11:30 AM in the Balcom Room after 10 AM Worship.

Bellissimo (Bell Choir)

Following handbell training from Jubellation, this bell choir is open to continuing or new handbell enthusiasts from high school through adult ages. This bell choir offers the  chance to hone one’s skills from Jubellation before advancing onto more challenging repertoire. The ensemble performs intermediate-level handbell literature for youth coming up through the handbell program, or adults new to the handbell experience.

Bellissimo will return to the Music at First roster in 2016-2017, on a trial basis and will meet on a flexible rehearsal schedule, to be determined. We need the minimum of 6 ringers to have the choir resume its ministry. Contact the Music Office for more information.



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