Choirs in Worship

Sunday, November 2
21st Sunday after Pentecost Communion Sunday       
8:30     First Folk
10:00   First Folk
            Chancel Choir
Sunday, November 9
22nd Sunday after Pentecost 
8:30     Sue Brennan, soprano
           Cindy Whitney, soprano
10:00   Sue Brennan, soprano
           Cindy Whitney, soprano
           Chapel Chimers
           Chancel Choir
Sunday, November 16
23rd Sunday after Pentecost
8:30     Decibells
10:00   Chancel Choir
Sunday, November 23
24th Sunday after Pentecost Thanksgiving Sunday/Stewardship Sunday
8:30    First Schola
10:00  Chancel Choir
           First Schola
Sunday, November 30
1st Sunday of Advent The Whole Church at Worship
8:30 & 10:00  McGrath, tenor

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