Ensembles – Adult

Bellissimo (Bell Choir)

Open to 9th grade to adult handbell enthusiasts playing at an intermediate-level; please see this ensemble’s description under Ensembles: Youth and Children.

Chancel Choir

This is the anchor choir of the music ministry of First Church, and the longest consistently serving music ensemble in the history of the church. There is no specific music prerequisite for this ensemble, and it is open to all members of the First Church community that enjoy singing quality SATB literature from the 19th and 20th century traditional, spiritual, and contemporary choral repertoire. Chancel Choir participates regularly in Sunday Worship, performs in the occasional concert, local and regional choral festival, and in other special programs.

The Chancel Choir presents a full oratorio/choral work each Christmas Sunday (4th Sunday in Advent), changing its repertory each year for this special service in the life of First Church.

Chancel Choir meets regularly on Wednesdays (Sept. through beginning of June) at 7:00 PM for rehearsal.

Decibells (Bell Choir)

This advanced-level bell choir is the pinnacle of the handbell program in the music ministry at First Church. Its core membership (10th grade to adult) is dedicated to quality handbell literature and the advancement of bell techniques and awareness of the art of English handbell ringing. A prerequisite for membership in this ensemble is sufficient experience in bell ringing, note reading in treble and/or bass clef, and a certain proficiency that shall be determined and maintained through the rehearsal process. Some experience in “4-in-hand” technique is not a requirement, but certainly helps tremendously in this ensemble. The ensemble participates regularly in worship, about once a month. Should the playing level of this ensemble not be the “right fit” for a particular (but always welcome) handbell enthusiast, membership in the intermediate-level Bellissimo bell choir (9th grade to adult) is an excellent option.

Decibells meets regularly on Thursdays (Sept. through May) at 7:30 PM for rehearsal.

First Chamber

This select chamber choir pursues the learning and performance of fine repertoire from the Renaissance through 20th century contemporary classical literature. Open to all members of the church community, the prerequisite for this ensemble is reading music and having previous choral experience; as unaccompanied (“A Cappella”) choral music is a challenging but rewarding practice for its members. Select challenging works with organ accompaniment have also been included on the worship roster in this ensemble. The ensemble participates in worship once in a 5-6 week rotation and is occasionally part of extra concerts or music outreach functions throughout the year.

First Chamber meets regularly on Thursdays (Sept. through May) at 6:30 PM for rehearsal.

First Folk

This choir provides an additional facet in the music ministry of First Church, concentrating its repertoire choices on mid- to late 20th century contemporary Christian choral repertoire. Its membership is a cross-section of the church community, and is the perfect ensemble for those looking for fellowship in music without the heavier weekly worship commitment of the Chancel Choir. The ensemble participates in worship regularly, and participates in music outreach projects to nursing homes and other church and community special concerts and events. Although the choir may often work with a pianist or organist for primary accompaniment- it is not unusual to see additional variations of musical talent from within the First Church community combine forces to accompany the choir.

First Folk meets on a flexible rehearsal schedule, on Tuesdays (Sept. through June) at 7:00 PM.


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