The Music Ministry at First Church provides an opportunity for individuals to worship God through the wonder and mystery of music, using one’s God-given talent in joyful and reverent praise, while enjoying fellowship with other members of the ministry in serving the greater congregation of The First Church.

The Music Ministry’s purpose is to inspire, teach, challenge and further the cause of quality music across a wider array of genres and styles within the First Church community. Traditional music does not always necessarily mean classical, and contemporary music does not automatically mean low-quality. Through the different facets of the music ministry, the program shall encourage the Church’s congregants and the Ministry’s participants to explore and find the right place, just for them, where they can enhance their own worship experience through the joy and wonder of music.

All levels of proficiency are welcome, and certain ensembles within the ministry are tailored to either a lesser or greater level of musical ability and experience. Regardless of this, each ensemble’s goal is one: to enhance the quality of worship at First Church and bring its congregation closer to God through high standards in vocal and instrumental music performance.

Choosing either active participation in the ministry, or the simple enjoyment of experiencing ensembles offer their musical gifts in worship; we are empowered to find our own special place in serving within the Church’s community. The Music Ministry will ever strive to inspire and bring the congregation to states of praise, prayer and reflection through quality choices and performance of music within the worship service, accomplished in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere of rehearsal and performance. These goals shall be guided by the Minister of Music and additional ensembles’ volunteer directors. Soli Deo Gloria!

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