Electronics Recycling Event

Help Clean up the Earth and your basement!

Saturday, April 12, 2014 – 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
First Church parking lot

The First Church Mission Trip Task Force is sponsoring this event to provide an environmentally responsible opportunity to recycle your unused, outdated electronics equipment. For a small fee per item (and many items are free) you can drop off:

Laptops and their batteries
Computer Monitors
Computer (CPU)
Computer CD Rom/DVD Drives(internal)
Electronic Storage Devices (External hard drive)
External CD/DVD burner/players
Computer Speakers Mice
Digital cameras
Plugs, Wires, Cable, Cords
VCR / DVD / CD players
Radios, MP3 players
Radar Detectors
Game systems
Audio Cassette Player
Cable box
Cell phones, PDAs and their batteries
Wireless or cable routers
Network equipment
Desk top printer/copy/scanner
Electronic Lab equipment
Computer Power supplies
Home air conditioner/Home dehumidifier
Rechargeable batteries
Internal computer parts

We work with:  RecycleUSA… Responsible Electronics Recyclers

All proceeds benefit the First Church Mission Trips.  – This year 15 church members will travel to Jinotega, Nicaragua where they will work with children in the community.



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