Sunday School


Welcome to First Church! Thank you for choosing to learn more about the Sunday school program here. You should find it to be inviting, interesting and fun. This page will help you and your parents become acquainted with the Sunday school, one part of a Christian education ministry which also includes nursery care, confirmation, youth fellowship and adult studies.


There are four simple ways to register for Sunday school:

  • Print out and complete the Sunday school registration form and mail it to First Church Nashua, 1 Concord St. Nashua, NH 03064   Att: Diane Matthes
  • Call the church office during the week, 882-4861
  • Stop in to the Sunday school office (on the 2nd floor of the Walker Building) any Sunday morning
  • During the month of September, stop by the Christian education table in Fellowship Hall right after morning worship.

You will be asked for the following: Parents’ names, address, home and work telephone numbers, your name, date of birth and grade, and whether or not you have been baptized. There is a space to write any other information that the teachers should have, such as allergies, special concerns, who can pick you up after class (other than your parents), etc.

You register only once in your life. Each year, your records are moved up to the next class. If something changes, your address, allergies, etc., please call the church office.

What Class Will I Be In?

First Church follows the Nashua public school system, with September 30 as the cut off birth date for children entering the next class.

There are  classes for 3-year-olds through grade 9.

How Will I Find My Classroom?

First Church is a big place!  You may want your parents to show you to your room the first Sunday or two. A list of classes follows and you will find a diagram on the insert. All classes meet in the Walker Buildin

3/4 Year Olds Room 8, second floor

Kindergarten/ Grade 1 Room 13, second floor

Grade 2 Room 12, second floor

Grade 3  Room 7, second floor

Grade 4 Room 14, second floor

Grade 5 Room 15, second floor

Grades 6 Room 10, second floor

MAD (Makes A Difference) 7th and 8th grades Room 9, second floor

Confirmation Meets in the dining room for scheduled classes

OWL meets in the Fireside Room

What Will I Be Doing ?

All students grades 3 yr. old-8th grade will go directly to worship with their parents and leave after the Children’s Story for Sunday School classes.

3 year olds-2nd grade use the Worship Center curriculum.

Grades 3-5 use Chronicle which is a three year curriculum

Grade 6 and MAD (7th and 8th) uses a combination of classes and service projects

First Church is very proud of its large, competent and caring Sunday school staff. There are about 80 people who work with the  classes mentioned here. There are close to 125 volunteers in the total Christian Education program.

Each Sunday there are at least two volunteer teachers in each classroom, at least one of whom is an adult. Volunteers are trained and must fill out a confidential screening form in accordance with First Church’s Youth Protection Policy.

I Still Have Some Questions

If you or your parents have questions, comments or concerns that are not covered in this brochure, you are welcome to call Diane Matthes, Coordinator of Christian Education, at the church office, 882-4861.

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