Confirmation is a one-year program for those in grade nine and over who wish to explore their faith and learn more about the Bible, the church, and the Christian faith. As a result of participating in the confirmation program, students will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the following areas: The Bible

  • Will be able to find their way around the Bible (book, chapter, verse)
  • Will know and be able to tell some of the Bible stories
  • Will articulate an understanding of the Bible’s message and importance

Church History and Practice

  • Will have an understanding of the beliefs and structure of the First Church of Nashua, NH, and the United Church of Christ
  • Will be able to distinguish Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism
  • Will have an understanding of the Protestant Reformation
  • Will know the two sacraments celebrated in the United Church of Christ: baptism and communion

Spirituality and Faith

  • Will be able to articulate their faith stance
  • Will know how to pray
  • Will have wrestled with their personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ


  • Will have completed a minimum of fifteen hours serving others in the wider community outside of First Church
  • Will have completed a minimum of ten hours of service to First Church
  • Will be able to articulate their theology of mission


Description Each confirmand chooses an active adult member of the congregation to serve as his or her confirmation mentor. A mentor is a trusted counselor, guide and role model who accompanies the young person on the confirmation journey by: Participating in 4 Sunday luncheon sessions and one Saturday field trip with the confirmand, along with the Maundy Thursday service at First Church and a Friday evening worship service at Temple Beth Abraham.

  • Helping the confirmand with his or her mission project
  • Making a banner for the confirmand
  • Standing up with the confirmand during the Rite of Confirmation on Sunday, May 21, 2017.
  • Seeking opportunities for the confirmand to “shadow” or “apprentice” you in your role as an active member of First Church. This may include :
    • Attending a Board meeting together
    • Attending a Bible study or Lenten series together
    • Serving as greeters
    • Helping at church events such as Sunday brunches, Holiday Stroll, decorating for Christmas, working on the fair
    • Assisting you in the class room or nursery
    • Assisting you in your duties as usher, deacon or other church office

Eligibility: Mentors must be full and active members of First Church, at least 25 years in age. In choosing a mentor, confirmands are strongly encouraged to develop for themselves a new relationship within the church. Parents of other confirmands in your class are NOT ELIGIBLE to serve as mentors. All adult mentors undergo the Safe Church screening process and have references on file in the church office before the beginning of the program year.

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