Welcome to First Church Nashua!


You might be tempted to describe First Church Nashua as a traditional community of faith. We pay attention to depth, beauty and relevance of our Christian tradition. This is especially true in our worship services. Yet we are not bound by heritage, but depend on it to be loving, relational, and applicable to the mission of Jesus Christ in the community and world around us. We reach back to move forward.

The center of our church is the grace of Jesus Christ, and we talk about that a lot. Given that we are clear about our core, we spend little time here worrying about the boundary issues that exclude people. Christ at our center holds our church together just fine.

We have an energetic Sunday School, an active youth program, an outstanding music ministry, and younger families; we also have many retired folks – and pretty much everything in between. We come from many walks of life and have diverse opinions about most of the day’s prevailing issues. Only Christ could hold us all together, and we give thanks for just how wonderfully he does that in Christian love. We also are thankful for the mission and holy purposes to life that we discover here.

We are glad you found us on the web. If after reading this brief introduction, you feel called to learn more about us, we invite you to worship with us adding your story to ours.

No matter where you are in your journey, you are welcome here.



Daily Devotionals from the UCC:

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